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This is already the fourth solo album by songsmith Eric Devries. An especially intimate album where the Amsterdammer is accompanied by gitarist Janos Koolen, bassist Lucas Beukers, violinist Joost van Es and Sophie Janna on backing vocals. The twelve songs are nearly all acoustic and would fit in perfectly with Matthews Southern Comfort’s repertoire, the band that Devries was part of for the last four years. And that means friendly retro-country rock from the American West-coast, with meaningful lyrics and melodies that effortlessly find their way  into your consience. In ‘Another Round’ Devries takes a jaunty sidestep into Bluegrass and also the following songs ‘Don’t Let Me Be’ and ‘But For The Grace’ lean heavily towards this genre. Kind of in the vain of Chris Hillman and his Desert Rose Band from days gone by. There is, to be fair, nothing wrong with ‘Song & Dance Man’. On the contrary, it is without a doubt one of the best albums from The Netherlands in this genre this year. 4 stars out of 5

Review ‘Song & Dance Man’ at The Barrier

John Barlass from At The writes: {..} the real icing on the cake is Eric’s clear, tuneful voice, which manages to suit each song absolutely perfectly – and you’d never guess his Dutch roots – his is a voice that comes to you directly from Nashville! Song & Dance Man is a thoroughly rewarding listening experience. {..} Song & Dance Man is an album that needs to be heard – and once you’ve heard it, you’ll want to repeat the experience again and again.  click to read more.. 

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Cis van Looy schrijft: {..} Song & Dance Man behoort ongetwijfeld bij het betere werk uit de songsmidse van de Lage Landen en ver daarbuiten.{..}
Lees meer: {..} Zo neemt Devries je telkens mee in zorgvuldig uitgewerkte verhalen. De tijd waarop je geen vat hebt of de onvermijdelijke problemen die bij elke nieuwe liefde opduiken, het op wonderlijk snarenwerk meanderende Matters of Love en het door melancholie bedwelmde All I Know How To Do. {..}


Valsam schreef voor het Belgische Rootstime:{..} Enkele songtitels van nummers die ons bij de beluistering van deze plaat zeer hebben bevallen zijn “Ballad Of A Song & Dance Man”, de verhalende ballad “Matters Of Love”, het melancholische “All I Know How To Do” en de melodieuze songs “Don’t Let Me Be” en albumafsluiter “Sunday Eve In Amsterdam” {..} Lees meer..