Working on the new album..

Lucas Beukers – Bass

We started working on the new album just before the pandemic (BP) now let’s hope there’ll be an after soon.. (AP) Together with Janos Koolen, who also contributed to it’s predecessor ‘Close to Home’ in a big way, we started in Janos’ studio in Doorneburg.
We recorded 16 songs ‘live’ in two days with Janos either on Mandolin or Banjo or Guitar and Lucas Beukers on Standing Bass..

My point of view

Our approach was to record the music as pure and simple as we could so we created a setting in which the three of us could play ‘live’ as much as possible. So the basic parts including the lead vocals have no overdubs.

Later we decided on the best takes for each track and the wonderful Joost van Es laid down some amazing violin parts. Janos arranged two beautiful string-arrangements as well. All that remains to be done are the backing vocals. And we’re in no hurry as promoting the album in 2020 is obviously not happening. Hopefully we can go out there and play ‘live’ again second half of 2021. Recording this album was short and sweet however Covid19 restrictions make it so releasing the album wil take a while. Stay tuned folks!

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